We build rad bikes that are fun to ride, period. All of our bikes are built with performance in mind. We don't cheap out on anything, even our entry builds come with top of the line components, right down to the tires. 

Our frames are made in small batches, then built to order and shipped directly to you. This approach is more efficient and saves you money - but even though that’s true, it’s not really why we do it this way. This is the only way we can stay in control of quality and detail at every step, and it means there's a direct connection between the people that ride our bikes and the people that make them.

We're about doing things the right way, and that means being efficient and focussing on what's really important. Working directly with both factories and riders is the best way to make great bikes. It also means that even as a small brand, we can be competitive on price and offer customization the big brands can't.