WHEEL SIZE:   27.5"


Fast and playful the Sky Pilot isour new big mountain monster, ideal for racers and free riders alike. The concentric BB pivot, 4 bar linkage design provides unbeatable traction and handling.


 Built in frame protection   -   Internal cable routing   -   Threaded bottom bracket   -   Enduro Max bearings   -  Integrated ISCG-05 mounts



Customer Reviews

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Playful Beast

Built up one of these shred sleds mullet style last summer... pure fun! It’s a berm slapping, jump blasting, trick flicking rocket ship. Let it go and hold on for one hell of a ride!!!

What a monster!!!

It is long, slack, black and sexy!!!
I got a frame with the DVO Jade rear shock and bolted the DVO Emerald on the front and what a beast the guys at Evolve Bikes Canada created.
After creeping the amazing Enduro bikes the guys at #EvolveBikesCanada made I nearly fell over getting my wallet out to get onto the DH frame they launched this year.
The frame is 100% carbon fiber with internal and external cable routing options, built in stoppers to stop those big forks hitting the frame, a bolt on carbon mud guard on the back to help stop any of the loam (that this thing loves shredding) getting in the rear linkage and some beefy rear linkage that let's this thing eat things like no other bike I have ridden.
The angles on this bike at first felt slack, long and strange, but pointing the Evolve Skypilot down the steeps you understand why they built this monster the way they did. I have never ridden a bike that feels so strong, stable and comfortable in steep loose terrain, it almost felt like cheating! The back end of this bike stayed exactly where I wanted it too and did not do anything but amaze me at how secure it felt in spicy sections.
This bike will do anything you ask it to do. In small bumps it stayed on track and feels bulletproof, in the air she did exactly what I asked her to do (not get us killed) and in steep technical stuff it basically rides itself and you just hold on as this mighty black monster just drags you down the hill while you hoot and holler having the time of your life
Overall this bike is the most amazing thing I have ridden on 2 wheels! Although feeling strange at first because of how long and slack it is, it quickly became comfortable and started encouraging me to go faster with it's amazing confidence building stability and heck yeah attitude. I would highly recommend this beast (2019 #EvolveBikesCanada Skypilot) to anyone that loves riding steep good old fashioned dirty blue collar lines full of steep technical heck yeah moments....

case machine

This is possibly the best bike I have ever had the chance to not ride. It eats up cases like Kaleb eats burgers. Even Kaleb can't even can't destroy the back rim with his frame cases. This bike is meant to be ground pounded. If you sent this bike off a 60ft drop to flat the suspension wouldn't even bottom out, it's just that good.

Smooth And Resistant

This bike has been something i have been wanting, for a while now. Being a big Mountain bike fan, and how i love to do this myself, Seeing a youtuber of the name of Jordan Boommaster and his tutorial on the bike i knew that this is the bike for me. Loving the downhill aspect of riding this bike definitely suits those aspects. Even though i do not own this wonder of a bike YET i will in short time, and experience the thrill of it and not have to see on a screen.

Playful and aggressive

This frameset is a winner. I have been pushing it hard for months now and it takes everything you can throw at it from bike park to big mountain riding. The Carbon is strong and stiff. The suspension layout is impressive with excellent small bump compliance and enough progression to handle the big hits as well. It’s a perfect mix of race ready and also playful for jumping. You won’t be disappointed!